Friday, June 01, 2012

Embracing a Lost Art: Customer Service {plus a sneak peek}

I just have to brag on Su Casa's customer service for a minute.

As you know by now, I am a part of the Test It, Blog It, Win It contest with Su Casa Furniture.

I received a call from Tracy at Su Casa; she said the dresser was in and ready to be delivered.  I called back and scheduled an appointment for later on in the week.  An appointment!  Not a range of 4-8 hours, not a guesstimate, an actual appointment.

About 20 minutes before the appointment, I got a call from the delivery guy saying he was running 10 minutes behind.  He was so apologetic and I reassured him it was no big deal.

People!  Customer service this good is RARE these days; I am so pleased that this company embraces this lost art.

I have waited for the cable or internet guy for over 10 hours... one time I waited DAYS.  This is so refreshing to find a company like Su Casa that values their customers' time.

Here's the dresser making it's way into the house.

Easy peasy.  They had it unpacked and into the house in five minutes.  The guys were courteous and efficient.  I would do business with Su Casa again in a heartbeat!

**update:  The following day I received a call from Su Casa to check on how everything went.  It is so obvious they care about the entire experience!

I'll be posting pics of the dresser in our house soon... I can't wait for you to see it.  Here is a sneak peek

Look at the finish!  So beautiful.

Do you have any good customer service stories?  Any horror stories?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments!



  1. I had a GREAT experience this week. I have a smocking pleater that I lost a part for. I called a bunch of stores here in the US trying to find the part and no one could help. No one had contact info for the company (made in Australia), etc.
    Finally, I searched all over Australian websites looking for help and couldn't find contact info for the company either. Finally I emailed a store in Australia asking for help. Dude emailed me back, asked for my address, and mailed my part from Australia no charge! It arrived yesterday. So awesome!

  2. Jamie,

    Wow! I never thought that Su Casa would work in our house. My wife and I have been shopping for furniture and still have not found the right piece. Although, we haven't shopped at Su Casa yet. To be honest, I didn't even consider them to be option until this post. Su Casa website was helpful too so we had an idea of what we would like. We value customer service and it seems they are excellent when it comes in that area as well. I can't wait to check out the store.

  3. That's awesome! Why don't most other companies have an appointment policy like Su Casa instead of saying, "We'll be there between Tuesday and THURSDAY!" haha! So annoying! Also, Su Casa's furniture looks awesome!

  4. Sounds like they know how to value their customers. Some companies give a time range (between 8-12) and we have to take the "day" off because at 12:00 they still haven't arrived. Maybe we should deduct our lost wages from the price of the pieces we purchase if they don't come on time?


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