Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Craft Storage and DIY Pinboard Tutorial

I really wanted open shelving in my kitchen, but honestly, that just isn't practical for my lifestyle.  I need some doors, people!  I want to be able to hide my mess behind something opaque and I don't want you looking at it.  Here is what I ended up with

and this is the "before" of the peninsula in the kitchen
wasted wall space, I tell you!
I found this black cabinet thing at Goodwill for $25 before Christmas.  Mr. Creative Imperative knows when something comes home from Goodwill, it usually means more work for him.  Yep!
So it needed major a few repairs. Sweet husband!

 We still have no idea what this was in it's former life.  I think it was part of an entertainment console (there was a partner at the thrift store, but they were being sold separately).
To give you a little background, this room is my kitchen/dining room/craft room/home office.  There is hardly enough room for the 4 of us to sit and eat dinner in this room so space is at a premium.  When I pull out my crafting stuff or have etsy orders to fill, it disrupts the entire house.  I'm really praying this hideaway for crafting materials will provide a little sanity for 2012.
Now let's see if I can keep it organized (it isn't even all filled up yet).  If I don't, you'll never know because I simply closed the cabinet doors.

I'm still searching for the perfect way to display important papers, so I decided to make a pinboard for lower area of the structure.  Cork was on sale at Hobby Lobby, but it was still way too expensive for me.  So I used foam board (also known as foamcore)

1)  Measure

2)  Cut a piece of foam board to fit

3)  Cut fabric about 4" bigger than foam board (2" on each side)

4)  Hot glue fabric to foam board (wrapped around and glued on back)

5)  Glue sock to floor

Step 5 is optional.

I didn't even secure the pinboard to the back of the cabinet;  it's just being held up by the stuff in front of it.  Speaking of not securing things... we didn't mount the cabinet above the piece of countertop trim.  We just let it sit on the counter and used an L bracket on top of it to hold it to the wall.  If we want to sell the house, we didn't want it to be a pain to take the whole thing down.  I'm trying to decide if this thing is a selling point or if it makes the kitchen look smaller.
Thanks for stopping by!  Have you come up with any organization solutions to help you in 2012?  Let me know in the comments!
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  1. It looks great! I am glad I can skip step 5. I normally get glue on my fingers or shirt but if I start gluing the hardwoods my hubby might take away the glue gun!

  2. That is so gorgeous! I agree, you defo need doors to hide, I mean tidy things away ;) I have just posted a tutorial on a Christmas Organiser, ready for next Christmas - I am determined to be mega-organised! x

  3. i love the houndstooth! it looks awesome! and guess what did today- craft organization! my post is going up tomorrow! :)

  4. Looks great! I love the houndstooth message board.

  5. Whoa!! Looks awesome Jamie!!! Such a great idea, you are so clever!
    p.s. we need to hang out soon :)

  6. This looks great! And you're right, just wasted wall space before. I'm happy for you that you just glued your sock. I ALWAYS manage to burn myself with my blasted glue gun! Happy New Year!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  7. This is an awesome idea. Once we get a new refrigerator (hoping not too soon), I'll know what to do with that cabinet I have to take out!

  8. That looks great. And I think I'd consider it a selling feature :) Who doesn't want more cabinet space?

  9. Very cute. I love the way it looks in the kitchen and the foam board idea genius! Stopping by from Crafty Soiree. Would love for you to come check me out at funkymomcards.blogspot

  10. This is so pretty! You did a great job, thanks for sharing. Visiting via Get Your Brag On

  11. I love it! It looks great. I think it's a selling point! Love step 5. That would be me!


  12. Hi Jamie...I saw your comment at Centsational Girl and popped over for a visit. I'm a new follower. Your blog is super fun. I checked out your Etsy store too...I love subway art and yours it awesome. Seems as though 2012 may be the year for you! Best of luck.

  13. Jamie, what a great find! It looks wonderful in your kitchen and like you paid a fortune for it! Thanks for sharing at this week's BFF Open House!

  14. It looks like it's always been in your kitchen. How great to find a cheap way to add a little extra storage.

  15. Fantastic job!!



  16. This looks great!! Don't you love when the hubby helps :-) Stopping by from Craft Junkie Too: TGIF linky party. This is what I shared this week: http://craftybrooklynarmywife.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-first-amp-cover.html

    BTW, I am your newest follower too. :-)

  17. What a great project! Love the extra storage! Won't you consider sharing it with my readers at sassafrassalvation.blogspot.com/2012/01/architectural-salvage-jewelry.html. Thanks! Happy New Year!


  18. The cabinet makes such a difference. It looks like it was made to be there! Love the houndstooth fabric as well!

  19. Love it! So crafty... Now if only I could get my hubs to make one for me...


  20. How fantastic - I always have some "optional" steps in my projects as well!

  21. This is fabulous! You did an awesome job and it turned out so cute! I would love for you to link up with my party at: http://anoriginalbelle.blogspot.com/2012/01/make-it-yourself-monday-10-link-up.html

    Thanks so much! Happy Monday!

  22. I love this! I totally need to do this. I have crafting stuff all over! I'm surprised my hubby puts up with it so well.

    I'd love for you to link up and share: http://tutusandteaparties.blogspot.com/2012/01/pinteresting-party-week-twenty-one.html

  23. Although those open shelves look so pretty in magazines with the matching everything, I always wonder how people live like that in real life. My stuff doesn't match, and I'm never that organized.

    Looks like you found a great solution to your problem with this little cabinet. Love the fabric on your pinboard.

    Please remember to include a link when joining my party. Thanks!

  24. Great job. Looks like it belongs in that space!

  25. Hi! I pinned this on Pinterest, posted on fb, and featured at Creative DIYers Club. Please feel free to grab the feature button and thank you for linking up at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  26. What a cute craft idea! Thank you for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday. We would love to have you come back next Saturday and share more of your incredible ideas. -The Sisters

  27. Hello there. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring project. Unfortunately, I have gathered all my supplies and created my layout only to have my project come to a screeching halt because of printing issues. I have found that most shops cannot read an Illustrator format and it will not allow me to save as a jpeg image. Please note that I am attempting to print as a photo. Any thoughts? Your suggestions are appreciated :) My email is sherry.ismail@gmail.com

  28. These are great ideas for storage. I will make this for my wife's bday.

  29. I like this addition to your peninsula, it provides a focal point. The houndstooth is a perfect accent for this unit, kind of like the surprise! As for Step Five, that would definitely be happening when I break out the glue gun!
    Nice job on the cupboard!
    Val @ artsybuildinglady.blogspot.ca

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