Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Saying Goodbye: What I'll Miss About This House

It still hasn't completely hit me that we are leaving this townhouse and not coming back; it all feels so surreal.

I will say it has been helpful to have this blog as a record of our home.  I suspect the kids won't remember much about it since they are only 4 and 2 years old.

Our family will bring most of what we have to the new house: our stuff, our memories, our family, the pet fish, even the dresser on loan to us from Su Casa.  But there are a few things we can't bring.

Our pass through from the kitchen to the living room.

This is where we would keep our "order up" bell.  I would send the kids' juice cups, vitamins and snacks through this window and call "order up!"
They would stand on the back of the couch to retrieve their orders and I would let them.  It never got old for us.

Our favorite hiding spot for hide and seek.
Hmmmm, I wonder where he is.  We'll have curtains in the new house, but it won't quite be the same.

And my favorite architectural element in the house:  the fireplace in our bedroom.  

When our daughter was born, we moved our bedroom into the basement.  I hated being so far from the kids, especially at night, but there were some perks.  This fireplace is one of them.  Once I painted the mantel white and the walls gray, this room took on a new personality and became our retreat away from the busyness of the rest of the house.

I am just now realizing this post is somewhat cathartic for me.  My eyes are starting to well up and I know I'm ready to move on.  This house has been so good to us.  It's the only home our kids have known, my husband and I have built our marriage here and we have made countless friends and memories.  God provided exactly what we needed for this season in our lives.

Despite my grumblings about the size of this townhouse in the past, I'm going to miss this place.  It has kept us organized, forced us to learn the difference between want and need, and fostered a closeness amongst the people who live here.

I listened to this song over and over while I packed the house.
Simple Song by The Shins
This lyric gets me every time:  "Could be there's nothing else in our lives so critical as this little home".    It's so true.  It's hard to imagine just five short years ago my priorities were completely different.  Now all that is most important to me can be found under this roof.

Thank you for following us on this journey... see you at the new place!


  1. we have moved twice now since home ownership. leaving the house in louisiana was a lot harder because both kids came home from the hospital to that house..... the last one i never thought we would stay in so although it has memories, this new one is home. i am sure once you get there and get situated you will feel it, too, but it is all emotionally overwhelming.

  2. Thanks. We too are outgrowing our little home. But it has made us so close. Thanks again. Good luck!


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