Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dora Birthday Party

So, this is the Dora half of the "Spidoraman" birthday party.

Here are the shirts I made for the kids

I saw a tutorial for making appliqued shirts at Flexible Dreams.  I never thought to do a blanket stitch around an applique!  My machine can't do a blanket stitch so I did it by hand before ironing it to the shirt

I just did the good ol' zigzag stitch for the Spiderman shirt

And here are a few of the other details from the party:

I think the crown is a little too big :)

These are a couple of the favors
Jelly bean bracelets (my thumb still hurts from threading all these!)

and homemade crayons (in the shape of "estrellas")

I packaged it all in these

And here are the cupcakes
Dora is actually a ring

They were displayed on this zero dollar cupcake stand (tutorial here)

Here are some chocolate covered pretzels from the Spiderman side of the party

I didn't get any good pics of the actual party set-up... it was at one of those bounce house places so the people there set everything up.  I was too busy partying with the kids to go snapping pics of the stuff!

OK, I'm all partied out and ready to nap for about a week.  There is so much I want to show you from our son's new room, but that post will have to wait a little bit.  See you again soon!

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  1. Great party, favors and I love the shirts!!

  2. So fun! Great ideas...I love planning kids parties, don't you?
    Love that picture with the crown...that's a keeper!

  3. Natalie and I had a blast!! great party with great people!

  4. You did a GREAT job on the blanket stitch! I couldn't do that!

  5. That was awesome party.... i totally love it!!

  6. What a fun, sweet party!


  7. dang girl!!! these are SOOOO CUTE! :)

  8. You make me want a Dora party! And I'm 29! Come over and see my Wisdom Teeth necklace.

  9. Cute! Added this to my Party Directory! Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday!


  10. You are amazing! I love your ideas! What great memories for your children! Love all the details that you added! Thanks for sharing @ Show & Share! I appreciate your support each week!

  11. These are all such adorable ideas.. and I just love the name you came up for it! Loveing the shirts and crowns! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

  12. What a fantastic party idea. I love the favors, and the super cute shirts. I especially love the blanket stitch around the number.

    I'd love it if you'd share these with my readers by linking up this project, along with any other shirts you've made, to my Top-toberfest link party.


  13. Looks like it was a great party and everyone had a great time. Well done for arranging it, so many wonderful ideas :)

  14. Really cute! Especially love the jelly bean bracelets!

  15. Awesome! Dora is one of my daughters favorites. I do not sew or have a good machine, but I think I may be able to pull of the blanket stitch to make a cute shirt like you did! Fun looking party!

  16. Tee hee -- Spidoraman! Love it! I love all your creative and loving details, especially the t-shirts.

    Thank you for lending your creative spirit to "A Little Birdie Told Me..." at Rook No. 17


  17. Thanks for the link-back!! I love the stitching on your applique. Nice work!!

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