Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Organize a Little Drummer

Anyone in the room with our son while he is drumming is required to wear ear protection

I was getting really tired of them laying around on the floor, so I bought these hooks for 99 cents each at IKEA

I love the way the hooks look and the kid is actually putting the ear protectors back on them when he's done drumming!  Success!!!

I also needed a place for his drumsticks.  Do you see how beat up these things are?  We've tried taping them and buying ones that are supposedly indestructible... yeah, he destroyed those too.

The drumstick holder is actually this

I covered it with some paper.  I was too lazy to even go all the way around.

It just so happened this star was sitting on top of the dryer when I went to get my paper cutter out of the laundry room.  Why not?

I drilled it into the wall in two places with some drywall screws.  I can't guarantee this thing will hold up, but I'll keep you updated!

I found these at IKEA too.  They're waste baskets for $1.99 each!  Much cheaper than baskets or bins.

Plenty of toys fit in each one!
This room is finally starting to come together.

And here's a pic of my son taking a pic of the room... I think we have a future blogger on our hands!

"Curtains" go up this weekend!  I use the word curtains loosely... you'll see :)
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  1. As a mom of a little drummer myself, I love all of the little details that you have for the "stuff". We just bought a drum kit for my son a few months ago and boy are they noisy! Thanks for the tips. I'm interested to see how the stick holder holds up for you. That's a brilliant idea.


  2. I love it Jamie!!! And yay for having the drum set out of your room :)

  3. LOVE the earphones and their hooks. It's way better than having them all over the floor.

  4. What great ideas for organizing! It must be a success if he's taking pics as well. ;) What are you doing for the curtains?? I must know!!!

  5. It looks awesome! Great job!


  6. I love the idea of hooks for the headphones, this would be a great solution near my desk, where my sons gaming headphones are always right where I need to set my paperwork. I love the set up you have, the red waste baskets and the drumstick holder are great. Great organized room!

  7. It is looking great! :) I like the idea of hooks for the earphones.

  8. You are an organizational genius! I could use lots of help.. umm so when are you available?
    Thanks for sharing .. your room looks great!

  9. Nice organization tips...I don't think my kids' rooms have every looked that neat and clean!

  10. K love it Jamie! Such clever use of everything. Totally digging the simplicty of the cute star container. Looks so well put together!

    (: Kelli + Kristi

  11. Great ideas for organizing a room! Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday.


  12. So awesome, and amazing room. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Oh, how perfect! I love how you used those items to make it so organized! And it looks great as well! Thanks for sharing this @ Show & Share! I am so happy to have you!

  14. What a totally rockin' setup for your young musician!

  15. I am totally digging this room!! I think I may have just found some inspiration for my son's room. Yay. I LOVE the two gray colors. I'm sure you mentioned it somewhere, but can you tell me the colors of the walls again?


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